With issue 6 of sewing life magazine, you’ll get patterns to see you through any occasion all summer long!

All the versatility comes from the many combinations available with the pattern: Choose between halterneck, scoop-neck or bandeau for the bodice and mix & match with wide legged pants, shorts or tapered pants to create YOUR perfect jumpsuit.

Then sew it up in a couple of hours. It's super quick!

The patterns come in size 34 – 54.

In the magazine, we have articles on making room for strong upper arms, you can read the story behind jersey fabric, learn how to draft design changes and - naturally - you can see how to sew your jumpsuit step-by-step!

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Sewing Life Magazine includes pdf patterns in size 34-54/XS-4XL and teaches sewing, fitting and drafting relevant to the pattern, while at the same time offering plenty of style and lifestyle inspiration.

The goal of this magazine is to show that YOU are the boss of your look and style. And that YOU - no matter your sewing experience, body shape or size - can feel and look great in self-made garments every day!

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With Sewing Life  6 you get:

This issue of Sewing Life Magazine includes:

Sewing Pattern: City Shorts

You can download the pattern sheet in 4 different formats:

Print-at-home letter/A4  &  A3(11"), or large format to print at copy shops in either 24" roll, or 36" roll.

The pattern comes in size 34 - 54

In the Magazine!


  • SEWING TECHNIQUE - learn the quick and easy way to make thread chains for buttons or belt loops

  • DESIGN VARIATIONS: Make a 1970's style bandeau jumpsuit or use ties at the waist instead of elastic.

  • THE STORY OF jersey fabric

  • Sewing techniques STEP-BY-STEP to get a perfect result


SUBSCRIBE and get it all for 10 USD BUY pattern & magazine for 15 USD

With each issue of Sewing Life Magazine you get:

  • Stylish, Scandinavian designed sewing patterns in pdf print-at-home and in Copy-shop-format, graded in sizes 34 – 54 (or XS - 4XL)
  • Magazine articles teaching drafting or pattern modifications.
  • Magazine articles teaching fitting.
  • Magazine articles teaching sewing techniques, step-by-step, so that sewists of all levels can join the fun.
  • Wonderful inspirational photos.
  • Lifestyle articles.
  • Styling ideas and tips.