SEWING LIFE 4 - Vintage-Inspired Shirtdress

With this shirt dress, the fabric truly determines the style!

It’s a simple enough design: A shirt dress with inspiration from the late 1940’s – mid-1950’s. The dress has a soft collar and a lapel, which is a typical design-detail from that era. You can choose between either a rounded collar and lapel or the more traditional sharp corners.

The dress has princess seams that continue into the gores of the skirt. The skirt has some fullness, which will be especially emphasized in stiffer fabric, but it will also look great in a softer, more drapey fabric.

The patterns come in size 34 – 54.

In the magazine, you will find a HUGE fitting guide (shown on two different body types). There are articles on interfacing and fabric, plenty of styling inspiration, and of course, we show you how to sew everything step-by-step

You can also buy Issue 4 as a single issue for 15 USD.

BUY pattern & magaszine for 15 USD


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With Sewing Life 4 you get:

This issue of Sewing Life Magazine includes:

Sewing Pattern: Vintage-Inspired Shirtdress


You can download the pattern sheet in 5 different formats:

Print-at-home letter/A4  &  A3(11"), or large format to print at copy shops in either 24" roll, 36" roll, or A0.

The pattern comes in size 34 - 54

In the Magazine

  • HUGE FITTING GUIDE: See the fitting process for two very different body types 

  • Interfacing - how to pick the right kind for your project

  • Design change: Making a sleeveless dress or top

  • How to choose the fabric for your dress - on woven fabric

  • Sewing techniques STEP-BY-STEP to get a perfect result

  • Plenty of styling and design inspiration


HUGE fitting guide

Plenty of styling inspiration

Sewing Techniques step-by-step

BUY pattern & magazine for 15 USD

With each issue of Sewing Life Magazine you get:

  • Stylish, Scandinavian designed sewing patterns in pdf print-at-home and in Copy-shop-format, graded in sizes 34 – 54 (or XS - 4XL)
  • Magazine articles teaching drafting or pattern modifications.
  • Magazine articles teaching fitting.
  • Magazine articles teaching sewing techniques, step-by-step, so that sewists of all levels can join the fun.
  • Wonderful inspirational photos.
  • Lifestyle articles.
  • Styling ideas and tips.