Imagine this:

You buy a pattern for a really cute garment, find the perfect fabric in your stash, brew a cup of tea and set out to enjoy a lovely creative Saturday afternoon in your Sewing Room.

2 hours later you are sweating, the pattern pieces are crumbled on the floor, the collar is crooked and dirty with sweat and chalk markings, and to top it off, when you tried on the garment, it had weird folds and couldn’t close all the way.

Now you want alcohol instead of tea, would wish you never heard about a sewing machine and end up watching home-shopping network until it’s time to make dinner. 

Not that hard to picture, is it? (I know. I’ve been there too)

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you are a part of Sewing Life, each pattern (downloadable PDF, with options to print at copy shop and at home in several formats) comes with detailed step-by-step instructions – always with illustrations and text and often with videos to accompany and support the illustrations. The patterns are in size 34-54 [LINK for size chart]

You can always get fitting and sewing help in the online community AND once a month we have a live Zoom meeting (recorded so that you can watch and rewatch even if you are not able to join live) where I help YOU if you have any questions.

And best of all?

All of this Sewing Goodness is yours for only 12 USD every other month (= 6 USD/month). You get new patterns 6 times a year (around the 30th of January/March/May/July/September/November) and learn new fitting and sewing techniques with every pattern! (you can cancel anytime)


Current patterns in Sewing Life: 410  JULIA WRAP DRESS & TOP

You get both the pattern with all combinations  + benefits for just 12 USD!

To Sum It Up:

  • Sewing Life is a bi-monthly membership that will teach you new skills and help you improve your sewing and prevent sewing disasters.


  • The Sewing Life Membership includes new pdf sewing patterns in size 34-54 for contemporary women’s garments every other month, discounts, fitting and sewing help in the Sew'n'Tell community, and live sewing/fitting help in the monthly online meeting!

  • The goal of Sewing Life is to show that YOU are the boss of your look and style. And that YOU - no matter your sewing experience, body shape or size - can feel and look great in self-made garments every day!


  • A Membership of Sewing Life costs you 12 USD every other month and includes the patterns, videos, and PDF-guides released bimonthly, as well as the online community AND the monthly live Q&A where you can get individual fitting and sewing help


  • You also get 15 % Discount on all MariaDenmark Sewing Life patterns, e-books, and online classes with the current member discount-code! 


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